Hospitalar connects people and fosters comprehensive experiences for the healthcare industry!

A stage for the generation of new business opportunities and technological development, the event is the meeting point for the entire
national and international healthcare market
, bringing buyers and suppliers closer together, promoting networking and partnerships that generate even more business. The 28th edition of the Hospitalar tradeshow will be held from May 23 to 26, 2023 at the São Paulo Expo
Hospitalar Tradeshow
May 23-26/2023
Tue-Fri from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm
 São Paulo Expo

The Hospitalar Tradeshow encompasses the entire health industry and promotes good business in its production chain.  The future of the sector is here! At Hospitalar Tecnologia you will find a dedicated area for health tech companies and startups, as well as spaces with free lectures, demonstrations and knowledge generation.  This is where the International Digital Forum, the main forum for technology applied to health, also takes place.
In the area dedicated to Facilities, Infrastructure and Architecture you will find solutions and products for catering, vending machines, kitchens, laundries, energy, in addition to air conditionings, hospitality, infrastructure and architecture, furniture, accessories, utensils and services. You will also find facilities innovation, a space where demonstrations and presentations of resources in this segment take place, in addition to the Hospitalar Facilities Congress.
In Hospital Rehabilitation, you will find companies that present equipment, devices and solutions for rehabilitation, orthopedics, physiotherapy, home care, outpatient care, consumer goods, components, personal care, electromedical, orthotics, prostheses, rescue equipment, ambulances and vehicle transformers.
 Hospitalar Internacional gathers all foreign companies present at the event, exhibiting in pavilions representing their countries. 
Suppliers of consumables and products for clinical analysis, pathology, pharmacies, hospitals and equipment are found in the area of Hospitalar Consumables. 
It is the Hospitalar Home Care and Equipment area that brings together solutions in equipment and devices for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. In this area home care is also located, where you can find solutions, equipment and services for Home Care and Transitional Care.
In Hospitalar Diagnosis and Laboratories you can find solutions and innovations for laboratories, diagnosis and clinical analysis.