8300 Rua Dona Francisca, Joinville 89219-600, Santa Catarina, Brazil

(47) 3801-9090
EXHIBITOR, Mídias Oficiais
General info
Steam autoclave for high temperatures and formaldehyde for low temperatures, plasma and hydrogen peroxide to sterilize, thermal disinfectant for cleaning, sanitizing, and drying hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical materials, automatic charge and discharge systems, sealers, ultrasonic washers, furniture, accessories for sterilization systems, hospital waste treatment system, products for sterilization monitoring, surgical grade, enzymatic detergent and other chemicals for cleaning, as well as a sterilization container system.
  • Booth:
  • 9130
Birmann 21 Building
7221, Nações Unidas Ave. - 22º floor
Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05425-020



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