Why Visit?

It is very easy for you to register now and come to Hospitalar: you will have the opportunity to learn all about technological innovations by companies from more than 36 countries working in many different fields, in one place and at the same time.

And, of course, you will not only learn about all the latest developments, but you will also meet major influencers in the market by participating in congresses and forums, where sharing knowledge and experience adds a lot of value to your business or field of activity.

Come and see how the market is evolving for yourself.

The experience of coming to a trade show like Hospitalar is unique. In addition to learning about the innovative products and services exhibited at the show and networking with key people in the industry, you can also buy products at special rates and join some very interesting lectures and debates.





Experts, specialists, authorities and representatives from major players in the industry present and discuss major innovations in the medical/hospital sector, including healthcare trends both in Brazil and abroad.


Free Lectures

Lectures speeches will be focused on many different issues, always highly relevant and topical for the healthcare sector. Please note that seating is limited. Go to the conferences section and find out what will be discussed at this edition.


Five Years From Now

This is the area where technology startup companies launch innovations directed at the future in healthcare.


Hospitalar Outlet

Take advantage of special offers in this area, exclusively used for our exhibitors to clear out their inventories.


Hospitalar Fashion

Here you will find innovations in clothing and personal protective equipment (PPI) designed for healthcare professionals.

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