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UBM: one of the largest companies in the world in business media
We are a leading global business media company and the second largest worldwide exhibitions organiser with recognised expertise in promoting and encouraging business networking between companies from several operating areas. In 1994 we became the first multinational company to enter into the Brazilian exhibition (fair) market. We connect professionals from several industry areas such as Civil Construction, Cargo Transport, Logistics and International Commerce, Ports, Terminals and Warehouses, IT (Technology) and Electronics, Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Railway (Metro) System Industry and Shipbuilding Industry. Our events rely upon a professional team focused on your market to deliver the best events for you.

UBM operates across five different segments:

  • Fairs and Conferences
  • PR Newswire
  • Data Services
  • Marketing Services Online
  • Marketing Services - Print

UBM BRAZIL – One of the key players in the trade fair market in Brazil

In Brazil since 1994, and the first multinational to enter into the Brazilian trade fair market, UBM Brazil is one of the 50 subsidiaries of UBM International. With offices in the city of Barueri in the state of São Paulo, UBM Brazil has more than 60 people dedicated to the job of organizing more than 15 fairs in Brazil.

UBM is involved in the following segments:

  • Civil Construction
  • Cargo Transport
  • Logistics and International Trade
  • Railways
  • Agricultural Production
  • Design and Manufacture of Medical Apparatus
  • Embedded Systems
  • Shipbuilding and Offshore
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Alimentary Ingredients
  • Neutraceutical Ingredients
  • Social Responsibility

Based on an international business model and extremely focused on business and the transfer of technology, UBM looks to foster understanding and promote partnerships in the markets in which it is involved.
UBM organizes specific events in partnership with the market, bringing together and acting as catalyst for opportunities and stimulating business; this is the key to its global success.
UBM Brazil fairs bring your company closer to the best opportunities in each market

Our commitment to the Brazilian market is:

  • To organize events in each segment with a highly skilled audience in attendance
  • To promote international meeting points for professionals in a range of sectors
  • Commitment and investment driven by the aim of understanding the needs of the market and to offering intelligent and efficient solutions
  • To build strategic partnerships with the market
  • To organize representative events in each segment, with international reach
  • To promote the discussion of various issues on different levels, incentivizing the transfer of technology and generating good business for participants
  • To push forward and stimulate business in the segments in which we work
  • To create opportunities for business, promotion and visibility for participating companies
  • To generate business on a national and international scale for our exhibitors and attendees
  • To skillfully present a shop window for products, launches, technologies and new suppliers

UBM Brazil offers the following to customers through its events:

  • Strategic and targeted investment
  • Opportunities for sales, networking and the transfer of technology
  • High attendance levels by skilled and qualified professionals
  • An efficient, quick and affordable meeting point
  • Direct marketing and communications tools
  • Assessment results through statistical event reports
  • High quality services and commitment
  • Growth and Partnerships

Always in search of opportunities.

UBM Brazil is always looking into new markets and opportunities with the aim of creating new events, making new acquisitions and partnerships, not only in Brazil but also all over the world.

Social Responsability

UBM applies all its expertise in the organization of a professional and effective event covering social responsibility in the World.


One of the largest companies in the world in business media

In more than 30 countries where it organizes events, UBM builds lasting relationships with specialists and key players in the market and generates opportunities that kick-start and stimulate the development of local industry on a global scale.

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