General Information


27th edition postponed!
18 - 21  may 2021
New Venue: São Paulo Expo

About Registration

Hospitalar is a professional trade show devoted to the introduction of products and the generation of business in the healthcare sector, and is therefore open to the public upon registration.
To expedite the admission of visitors and prevent the formation of queues in the entrance to the São Paulo Expo complex, we offer the public the opportunity to register online free of charge.
A R$ 100.00 fee will be charged for onsite registration.

Note: Participating in Congresses and other events staged during the show will not be granted by access credentials. Visitors must check the need for registration, fees or specific registration procedures to have access to these events.

Please note that minors under the age of 18 are not admitted to the fair, even if accompanied by an adult.


São Paulo Expo is 850-meter away from the Jabaquara Subway Station. It can be easily accessed by Rodoanel Mário Covas (10 minutes away) and it is located outside the area that requires a license-plate shift. It is about 10 minutes away from the Congonhas Airport and about 60 minutes away from Guarulhos International Airport. It is surrounded by a huge chain of hotels, which ad up to 7,602 hotel rooms.


Date and Time
Event postponed to the second half of 2020

São Paulo Expo
Rod. dos Imigrantes
km 1,5 - São Paulo/SP

Public Transportantion

Attendees can take one bus at the Jabaquara Subway Station: 605A-10 CENTRO PARALIMPICO / METRÔ JABAQUARA

Note: For more information about itineraries and schedules, please access the SPTrans website.

For anyone coming to the show using the Subway Blue Line, there is the “Take the Subway” option, which offers free transportation to São Paulo Expo every 5 minutes (Jabaquara Subway Station)

São Paulo Expo has a parking lot building with enough space for 6,500 vehicles.
Price rates for 12-hour periods:


  • Regular cars: R$50,00
  • Motorcycles: R$30,00
  • Vans: R$70,00
  • Microbuses: R$120,00
  • Buses: R$160,00

  • * The rates above are subject to changes.
    For more information, please contact INDIGO, which is the company in charge of the management of the parking lot
    facilities of São Paulo Expo: SAC 0800 644 0407



    Disabled People

    São Paulo Expo is adapted to welcome visitors with limited mobility and/or disabilities.

  • Exclusive parking area
  • Disabled bathrooms and drinking water fountains
  • Disabled ramps
  • Braille displays
  • Tactile systems in floors for the orientation of the visually impaired
  • You’re not from São Paulo and want information about travel and accommodation?

    Not from São Paulo and need information on travel and accommodation?
    In association with Via HG Turismo, Hospitalar offers exclusive packages at special rates to their exhibitors and visitors.

    With the agency, along with special rates offered by LATAM (the official airline for Hospitalar), the trade show attendees and exhibitors can take advantage of the travel to enjoy the largest city in the country a bit more in city tours and also enjoy different tour programs during the day or night.

    Contact us and book right now.



  • Tel: + 55 11 4229 -9593
  • Fax: + 55 11 4226 5203
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Site:
  • Get to know São Paulo!

    Stay one more day in São Paulo and take some time to know the largest city in Brazil.


    São Paulo Expo is near the Rodovia dos Imigrantes – which makes it easier for those who will go to the show using our major state and interstate roads (Rodoanel)

    It is 10 minutes away from Congonhas Airport, which is the city’s main airport for domestic flights, and it is about 60 minutes away from Guarulhos International Airport.

    It is quite close to the Jabaquara Subway Station, which is in our Subway’s Blue Line.

    Yes. The organizers will provide free transportation means. We will be giving you proper boarding information very soon.

    São Paulo Expo has a parking lot building with
    * Os preços acima estão sujeito à alteração.enough space for 6,500 vehicles.

    Price rates for 12-hour periods:
    • Regular cars: R$ 50.00
    • Motorcycles: R$ 30.00 Vans: R$ 70.00
    • Microbuses: R$ 120.00
    • Buses: R$ 160.00

    * The rates above are subject to changes.

    For more information, please contact INDIGO, which is the company in charge of the management of the parking lot facilities of São Paulo Expo:
    SAC 0800 644 0407

    For enquiries about travel agencies, please contact Via HG Turismo. Via HG is the official event Tourist Agency and will provide visitors and exhibitors with special conditions on flights and accommodation.

    Go to:

    Yes. Click here and register online right now for free. A R$ 50.00 fee will be charged for onsite registration.

    No. Along with registration by visitors, which gives access to the four days of show, there are specific registrations for parallel events and for certain attractions at the Hospitalar trade fair, some of which require payment of a fee. Click on the name of the event or show and learn more:


  • CISS
  • [email protected]
  • Hospitalar Facilities
  • Free Forums
  • Yes, at a R$ 50.00 fee. To enter the Exhibition Complex more quickly and more comfortably, we recommend you to register online.

    The credentials can be picked up on the tower displays placed by the entrance of the complex. It is not necessary to print the registration ticket; all visitors have to do is to enter their Individual Taxpayer Number and print the label that will be glued to the registration tag.

    Hospitalar has many congresses among its schedule of Forums.
    Click on the names for more information.

  • [email protected]
  • Hospitalar Facilities
  • Hospitalar Rehabilitation
  • CISS
  • Hospitalar Technology



    Depending on the program, the Forum can be attended for free or an investment will be asked. But both kinds of attendance require registration, which can be made online or right there at the venue.

    People wearing shorts of any types will not be allowed to enter the complex; appropriate footwear is required as well (no flip-flops, whether classic, beach, leather flip-flops or sandals, for instance).

    No. Because this is a business event, people under the age of 16 will not be allowed in the premises, even if accompanied by an adult.

    Yes. There will be a place (managed by São Paulo Expo) to store your belongings.