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May 4 - 20
An online gathering of healthcare industry communities.

Digital Journey May
04 a 20 de maio de 2021
Digital Journey August
17 de agosto a 02 de setembro de 2021
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This year, Hospitalar is even more complete. In May, we'll have our first official meeting, ‘Digital Journey’, which will promote exclusive moments among healthcare industry communities. In addition to broadening your network and finding new products and services, you'll be able to participate in discussions with specialists
addressing technology, innovation, facilities, home care, management, clinical engineering and much more!

Why be a sponsor?

1. Actively participate in discussions with industry experts within the communities of IT, Facilities, Home Healthcare, Clinical Engineering, Procurement, Energy, and more; 
2. . Increase your brand visibility within your operating niche;
3. Broaden your networking and new business opportunities throughout the entire year; 
4. Advance your connections and make contact scheduling meetings online with participants prior to the physical show. 

May Program Schedule

There's no question that technology and data have the power to influence. Find out how industry institutions are utilizing these resources to achieve improvements. Be a part of this forum for healthcare technology and digital innovation, broadening the conversation about advancements and the future.

Our relationship with the environment has also changed. What does the "new safe" look like and how do we adapt our structures to be more efficient and offer the best possible experience for the patient/client? Focused on solutions and professional growth, this content is dedicated to industry progress, showing how hospitals, clinics and laboratories can reduce costs, offering more efficient and safe patient care.

Description: On this day we'll address content related to home care and rehabilitation as well as the growing importance that these areas are experiencing given the pandemic.  Care technologies, transition care, rehabilitation equipment and solutions. The clinical and functional care
journey is more integrated and connected than ever!

Target audience: Facilities Managers, COOs, Operations Directors, Administrators, Building Managers, UX Managers.

Target audience: C-level and others who oversee IT for suppliers, providers, laboratories, government.

- Description: Supply chains experienced huge impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. It became more evident than ever that digitizing the network is critical to efficiently manage assets. Come and learn more about successful industry initiatives and how key players are dealing with the crisis and planning for the future.

Target audience: purchasers, C-level, distributors, suppliers/ producers.

In the greatest healthcare crisis of the century, management of healthcare technology to provide improved patient care delivery is critical.  Take part in 
industry discussions on how technology enabled better care and how we can expand access.

Target audience: C-level, clinical engineers, clinicians (doctors, nurses, physical therapists).

Learn about and recognize the institutional work performed by healthcare services and professionals worldwide. This is the only way we an impede a future crisis of COVID-19 magnitude.

Target audience: Public and private healthcare services managers and administrators, providers, laboratories and healthcare solution providers.

Description: The cost of electric power is one of the largest Hospital expenses.  Did you know that there are many ways to create savings, efficiency and improvement in how this service is performed? In partnership with specialists from Canal Energia, we will present a program with content focused on the healthcare industry. Information, learning and extensive insight!

Target audience: Hospital management, CEOs, Facilities Managers, COOs, Operations Directors, Administrators, Building Managers. 

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