Informa AllSecure is the set of health and safety procedures and measures for Informa events around the word post-COVID-19

To ensure the safety of employees, suppliers, exhibitors, and visitors to our events Informa Markets is working with a complete protocol based on the best business event practices worldwide and local guidelines of UBRAFE (Brazilian Union of Trade Fairs Promoters). We emphasize that we will also adopt the measures proposed by the Government of the State of São Paulo and the City of São Paulo.

Our security protocol is based on four main pillars: physical distancing, risk protection and detection, hygiene and safety measures and communication. The following are the details of all measures that have been previously evaluated and confirmed for implementation in the events from August 2020.


  • Performing the control of entrance and exit of the audience to ensure that the place follow the 2m social distancing between people;
  • Organizing the traffic of the streets, prioritizing continuous flow;
  • Controlling the traffic of the audience attendance areas of the event, adopting digital action measures;
  • Queues with a minimum 2m social distancing between people;
  • Assembly of a food court following the current sanitary rules and including minimum distance between tables, intensifying the cleaning of tables and chairs and organization of queues;
  • Setting-up a safe and ventilated area for visitors to await the release of access to the event, if it exceeds the maximum capacity of people;
  • Using and fostering digital tools to access the event;
  • Discouraging physical contact, such as handshakes and hugs, promoting different ways to greet business partners;
  • The exchange of printed materials, such as business cards and printed materials such as folders, catalogs, etc., will also be disposed by recommending the use of digital alternatives.


  • Reinforcement of the medical and ambulance structure;
  • Setting up a health station with individual booths;
  • Fitting a medical station in the external area to assist visitors with suspected infection;
  • Temperature control at the entrance to the event for risk detection and referral to the medical station.


Safety Equipment

  • Mandatory use of masks for all employees and exhibitors at all periods of the event - assembly, disassembly;
  • Frontline officers such as attendance services should add face shield masks as mandatory equipment;
  • Mandatory use of a mask for visitors;
  • Availability of masks and gloves on site for support if needed;
  • Set up of plastic material screens (acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate or PETG), when possible, among service professionals and visitors/exhibitors.

Hygiene Measures

  • Setting up sanitation points in different areas of the event such as entrances, exits, administrative rooms, toilets etc., during the whole period of the event: assembly, execution and disassembly;
  • Setting up luggage storage in the access to the event with availability of products suitable for cleaning/storage of belongings;
  • Training of cleaning staff to comply with the security protocol;
  • Improvement of cleaning processes, with increased frequency of cleaning of all areas and special reinforcement in areas with the greatest movement of people and hand contact in the toilets;
  • Frequent maintenance and control of air conditioning, providing suitable renovation and filtration;
  • Installation of waste bins to dispose of protective materials (masks and gloves) and proper removal by a waste collection company;
  • Possibility of installing sanitary mats in the access to the event;
  • Possibility of installing a disinfection tunnel to access the event.

Booth Assemblies

A new assembly manual with all the rules to be followed by the exhibitors will be made available to reduce the assembly time and the exposure of the assemblers; expansion of air circulation and increase in booth safety. Informa Markets will point:

  • Regulation for the building of meeting rooms, aiming at safety distancing;
  • Availability of hand sanitizer in the booths by the exhibitor;
  • Distribution of leaflets and gifts only if exhibited on displays, distribution by salespeople or promoters will not be allowed;
  • Strict control over the distribution of food and drinks at the booths, with only individually packaged food and individual drinks allowed;
  • Set up of plastic material plates (acrylic, PVC, polycarbonate or PETG) on the attendance desks for the separation of salesperson and customer.


  • Development of specific materials for communication of the audience in the event;
  • Training of all professionals working at Informa Markets events;
  • Overt communication on hygiene standards for holding events;
  • Clear presentation of the contamination progress of the region where the fair is held.

Discover the AllSecure protocol
and the 10 main commitments

Informa AllSecure | Q&A

Informa AllSecure is the protocol we are adopting to improve health and safety standards in effect at Informa events after COVID-19 pandemic. From exhibitors to sponsors, speakers, visitors, and journalists, those who come to our events come to connect, learn, and do business, effectively and safely. The standards and practices that make up Informa AllSecure are designed to provide confidence and at all Informa events, we are preparing to offer the highest standards of safety, hygiene, cleanliness and quality.

Informa AllSecure is based on a set of industry standards for events, called All Secure. Along with partners and unions, including UBRAFE, UFI, AEO and SISO and other promoters such as Reed Exhibitions and Clarion, pavilions, suppliers, service providers and health, government, and local authorities, we develop safety and hygiene standards, AllSecure.

Your health and safety are our priority and we are working with a number of preventive measures to ensure that all participants, whether exhibitors, sponsors, visitors, congress attendees, suppliers, providers, among others, enjoy an organized, safe, hygienic, productive and high quality event experience. As a starting point, Informa AllSecure events will be held according to the government or official local authority guidelines of the place in question and according to the specific regulations of the location. In addition, all Informa AllSecure events follow ten main AllSecure commitments related to Cleaning and Hygiene, Physical Distancing and Protection and Detection, with additional measures implemented when relevant and practical for the type of event and its location.

Every event follow Informa AllSecure's top ten commitments related to Cleaning and Hygiene, Physical Distancing and Protection and Detection, in addition to following government or official local authority guidelines and any specific Brazilian regulations. For details of the measures in force for a specific event, please refer to the event website or contact our team directly. All guidelines and procedures are described in the event materials upon registration.

No environment or area inside or outside your home can be 100% safe. At our events, through Informa AllSecure, we have implemented several measures thinking about your safety to preserve your health. The pavilions will be cleaned before, during and after the events, contactless registration, distancing and flow management and the screening and protection process. We are taking every step to provide a safe environment, so that our customers, partners, and colleagues can engage and do business in a safe, effective, and reliable way.