Since 2017, and thanks to the partnership entered with Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) – a non-profit worldwide organization with head office in the United States focused on improving health by employing Information Technology (IT), Hospitalar stages the main worldwide forum of technology and digital healthcare: HIMSS@Hospitalar.

In the last edition, held between May 22 – 25, the forum included debates and presentations based on 8 Major Categories, grouping dozens of technological issues.

All in all, there were over 60 conferences and 8 debates, attended by 35 foreign speakers and content aligned with best practices, products and digital healthcare services worldwide. The HIMSS@Hospitalar 2018 program also included case studies and a specific discussion regarding major information and health technologies (eHealth), with the purpose of introducing and disseminating positive experiences, innovative ideas and market trends that are making a difference for Healthcare Systems around the globe.

HIMSS@Hospitalar 2019

"Digital-Health.19 - Prediction, Prevention and Precision Care"

Thematic Content

Innovation Solutions for Hospital Chain 

05/21/2019 - 05/22/2019 - 05/23/2019

The goal of the “Hospital Innovation” major category is to show through Case Studies how Digital Health are changing the concept of hospital medicine.


TeleHealth & Connect Care


No any other areas in the Digital Health industry receive today as much investments as the connected care segment. The Forum offers an exclusive opportunity for the attendees to get to know Case Studies and healthcare projects and the remote-contact fusion with powerful precision algorithms.


Consumerization of Healthcare


The category shows examples of local and foreign solutions concerning this “direct connection” between the digital health industry and consumers.


 EHR, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing


Brazil has thousands of hospitals still far away from the digital health world and who need electronic health record solutions. Being familiar with the gaps and bridges to become experts in using EHRs is one of the goals of this major category. Showing Case Studies, learning curves, examples of errors and obstacles in the way are part of the goal of this fifth major category.


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