Five Ways to Cultivate a Rising Healthcare Leader


This issue of Managed Healthcare Executive recognizes the 2018 top 10 emerging leaders in the industry, as selected by our editorial advisory board. These remarkable individuals include leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in areas such as the human genome, opioid risk management, innovative cloud solutions, care management technology, and mental healthcare. They demonstrate the key attributes that define up-and-coming leaders: vision, drive, confidence, resourcefulness, and tenacity. 


Emerging leaders, as represented by this group, are often the product of organizations that actively encourage and develop their capabilities and acknowledge their contributions, as exemplified by the vast number of nominations we received this year.  

There are many different ways to cultivate emerging leaders, but the most successful organizations incorporate these five critical aspects:

1. Identify potential leaders

While there are a number of analytical assessment tools available to identify prospective leaders, perhaps the best tool is a management team engaged in the identification, formal and informal, of team members demonstrating leadership potential. Once identified, having a process that includes regular updates on how their skills are evolving, offering appropriate training, and establishing meaningful career paths can set a trajectory for growth for these individuals.

2.  Offer mentoring

One of the most valuable tools for grooming emerging leaders is providing a trusted resource that can be a sounding board for their ideas, provide feedback on how they are approaching projects and issues, and serve as a source of support and encouragement. In the best case, mentors should be drawn from the ranks of upper management and outside of a direct reporting relationship to the candidate.



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By Don Hall, MPH

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