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The Celer Finecare FIA ​​Meter is a portable point-of-care device for detecting and quantifying the concentration of analytes present in the blood through fluorescence immunodetection.

Celer Biotechnology has registered cardiac marker tests (Troponin I, Panel 3 x 1 - Troponin I, CK-MB and Myoglobin, NT-proBNP, Ddimero), chronic diseases (Hemoglobin Glycated), infectious ultra sensitive and Procalcitonin) and hormones (Beta HCG). In the registry: PSA, CEA, AFP, CK-MB isolated and Cystatin-C, besides T4 and TSH.

Another product of Celer's portfolio is the Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Platform. ORION: Quality assurance of products in warehouses or in temperature-controlled transport depends on constant monitoring. The accomplishment of this task in manual registers, besides consuming hours of work, has important limitations as the Risk of recording of wrong temperatures, the not recording of the temperature in the programmed moment, the lack of monitoring of the conditions of storage in the schedules in which there is not the company. Orion provides this control without the need for investment.
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