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Hospital Balbino invests in quality of services and seeks accreditation

Hospital Balbino, in Rio de Janeiro, has been making investments in both technology and human resources over the past three years. For 2011, it is estimated that it will increase the number of beds and seek hospital accreditation.

After investing US$ 1.9 million (R$ 3 million) in the purchase of the first Flat Detector of Digital Image in Hemodynamics in Rio de Janeiro in 2008, other US$ 1.3 million (R$ 2 million) directed, mostly, to the expansion of the Intensive Care Unit, with the deployment of 10 new beds, around US$ 635 thousand (R$ 1 million) was invested in 2010 in technology, mainly.

This year, the forecast is to invest another US$ 1 million (R$ 1.5 million) in the institution. The goal for this year also includes the revitalization and modernization of 70 apartments of the hospital.

With a total of 870 thousand consultations a year, the institution held, in 2010, about 1,500 hemodynamic procedures, more than 170 thousand emergency room visits, more than five thousand surgeries, and 560 thousand laboratory tests and about 10 thousand admissions. The total number of outpatient consultations was around 120 thousand.

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