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Hospital inagurated in Florianópolis

Hospital Baía Sul, a US$ 17.5 million (R$ 30 million) venture, was inaugurated on November 10th, equipped to perform complex medical procedures. Located in Florianópolis (Southern Brazil), it will be integrated to the Baía Sul Medical Center, which houses the Baía Sul Day Hospital, already under operation. Altogether, the complex formed by the two hospitals will feature 9 surgical rooms and 90 beds, 15 of which in the ICU.

“There is a demand on Greater Florianópolis for a hospital unit of high complexity and, given that, a group of medical doctors and entrepreneurs decided to implement this project and offer it to the community”, affirms Irineu May Brodbeck, Neurosurgeon and one of the creators of the new hospital.

In addition to the 15 new ICU beds, an area in which demand is usually higher than offer, Hospital Baía Sul will also increase availability of treatment for healthcare insurance users in the State of Santa Catarina, who currently cannot rely on public hospitals anymore. According to a report of the National Agency for Health Insurance (ANS) from September 2010, Santa Catarina has 1,408,322 healthcare insurance users, which means one in every five inhabitants.

Hospital Baía Sul was designed to offer a unique treatment for the community. All the state-of-the-art devices were imported from Germany. The surgical center will serve major procedures, such as neurosurgical, urologic, bariatric, orthopedic and oncologic which, due to its high complexity, require more sophisticated structures. The hospital will also feature Emergency Care.

Hospital Baía Sul
Inauguration: November 10, 2010
Investment: US$ 17.5 million (R$ 30 million)
Total number of beds in the hospital complex: 90 beds (20 in Baía Sul Day Hospital)
ICU beds: 15
Surgical rooms of the hospital complex: 9 (3 in Baía Sul Day Hospital)
Attendance: Private and Insurances

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