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Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital
Complex implements televisit

The Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex (located in São Paulo) is implementing the Televisit, a special service, designed to increase integration between hospitalized patients and their families and friends.

The Televisit serves all the 115 hospital apartments from January on. With the system, it is possible to virtually visit a hospitalized patient. All one has to do is enter the hospital website (, click on “Televisit” and type in the name of the patient and the number of his/ her apartment. The hospitalized patient receives the request and has the choice to accept the visit or not, which may be done by video, audio or internet chat. In case the patient cannot take the call, a message is recorded.

According to the Executive Manager responsible for the IT area of the Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex, Osmar Antonio dos Santos, the expectation is that Televisit be highly used. “Implementing this service allows the hospital environment to become more human, facilitating the patient’s adaptation to a new routine”, he says.

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