Thanks to its partnership with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the worldwide non-profit entity focused on improving healthcare through information technology (IT) services with its head office in the United States, from 2017 Hospitalar is staging the main worldwide forum on technology and digital innovations for the healthcare industry: HIMSS@Hospitalar.

The second edition of the forum will be staged during Hospitalar 2018, between May 22 and 25, and will include debates and presentations based on eight Major Issues covering dozens of technological challenges and best practices.

Overall there will be 60 conferences and eight debates attended by 35 foreign guest speakers with content devoted to best worldwide digital healthcare practices, products and services. HIMSS@Hospitalar 2018 will also include case studies and a specific discussion on major information technology and health communication trends (eHealth), presenting and disseminating positive experiences, innovative ideas and market trends that are making a difference for Healthcare Systems around the world.

Would you like to sponsor the forum and be part of the new doctor – patient relationship that is being created thanks to digital enhancement and the implementation of new models, systems and processes?

HIMSS@Hospitalar 2018

"eHealth. 18 - Centralize Data & Decentralize Care"

Thematic Content


Innovation Solution for Hospital Chain

The escalation of innovations in hospitals has been quickly changing the way industry behaves.
The Major Themes selected show the impact of developing technologies in Public and Private Hospitals.

They vary from more qualified operational flows (outcome drivers), including the growing use of electronic health records along with Data Analytics, and also Enterprise Imaging, Robotics, Big Data technologies, etc., all of which have driven the industry to significant changes in the 21st century society.


Venture Capital Supporting eHealth Revolution

The Venture Capital Theme reflects and discusses fluctuations in the venture capital market in the Global Digital Healthcare. The purpose is to describe the main types of funding in the industry, along with trends, inspirations and the way of thinking of players in this value chain.

Healthcare moonshots play a unique role in the world of eHealth. Both local and foreign VC Funds are more and more into their entrepreneurial spirit.

According to RockHealth, US# 3.5 billion alone were invested in the first six months of 2017 in 188 digital health companies (USA), a record in terms of financed companies and investments made. The Forum approaches this Theme, listing VC obstacles and opportunities in the local Health market.


TeleHealth & Connected Care

A Federal Communications Commission (USA) estimates that in 25 years Remote Patient Monitoring (RMT) solutions might save to the United States US$ 197 billion in three segments alone: lung disease, diabetes and heart disease.

This number shows how important Telehealth & Connect Care solutions are in the 21st century. The Forum provides a fresh outlook on the segment, listing various Case Studies and giving examples of the many scenarios where telehealth can play a significant role.

t is one of the fastest growing markets in the world but that is running a bit late in Brazil. Local demands and worldwide successful solutions will be discussed at the Forum.


Consumerization of Healthcare

A 20-year-old person does not know anything about the analogical universe. They were born and they will die in the digital universe. They will not buy excuses like “This is the type of care we can provide”, or “this is the day the appointment can take place”. They expect customized care, available at any time anywhere. They are not used to the word “patient”; they are only familiar with the concept of a “consumer”.

Millenials look for healthier life habits, they download Health apps, they access databases, and they do a lot of research to find the perfect health plan, a specialized doctor, the most convenient lab and less dangerous hospitals. They wear wearables, fit devices, mHealth apps, care sensors, and will have video chats with doctors as often as they access their bank accounts.

The industry of healthcare products and services already knows all about this person and realized that consumerization is inevitable. It also realized it is a fast growing market. This is the universe that will be discussed at the Forum.


Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data

In the last two years, Health data violations grew significantly. Between January and June 2017, 233 violation incidents were reported to the Health Department in the United States.

Cybernetic safety became a priority at hospitals, Health Departments and private practices in general.

In this sense, the Privacy & Security Theme became more significant and more visible. Prevention plans for cyberattacks, Cloud Computing security, programs that protect patient’s privacy and many other aspects are analyzed in this major discussion

eHealth Interoperability Challenges

Interoperability issues in Healthcare are not new and advances are still not enough. Partially because it is a really complex matter. Although it is a technological matter, it is not only technological.
It requires cooperation between all parties involved, consent & governance rules and win-win motivation for the creation of business agreements. Also, it requires enforcing standards and many safety and privacy tools.

EHRs have never been so widely used as now. But for the patients’ disappointment a great deal of their medical records is still spread, not integrated and hard to be accessed by any player in the Healthcare Industry.

This Theme analyzes the issue, adding criticism to local discussions and new ideas and facts that must be considered in the future.

EHR, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

In the last 10 years, the percentage of hospitals and private practices in the USA using some kind of EHR (Electronic Health Record) jumped from less than 30% to over 90%.

In the meantime Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing applications increased significantly, in such a way using health records became of utmost importance.

This Theme will discuss these ideas based on a Value-Based and Patient-Centric Care approach

Demand-driven Pharma

Times have changed for the pharmaceutical industry. In the past just making medications was enough, but challenges are bigger now.

The creation of one single drug can cost over US$ billion. Also, competition has increased, researchers have evolved and technologies come from everywhere to put pressure on manufacturers.

The go news is that the pharmaceutical industry is correctly using those technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and many other applications.

Another important aspect is the growing need to improve and have a better relationship with patients (Demand-driven). The fight for this “intimate relationship” is growing. All these issues are discussed at the Forum.

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